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How To Get The Absolute BEST Car Care On The Gold Coast Without Being Taken For a Ride!

Do you want the very BEST automotive repair and maintenance for your luxury vehicle – because of WHO is driving around in it?

Naturally, you want your loved ones to have the very best available – but you don’t really want to pay exorbitant fees like you would at a dealer. And you probably don’t want to trust your vehicle to just “anybody” with a spanner.

Finding a good mechanic is like finding a good doctor; you want someone to know the intricacies of your car’s health and be advised accordingly – in the level of detail you need.

That’s why PRESTO Automotive should be your “go to” car maintenance service.

Hi, my name is Rob, and I own Presto Automotive.
I’m a mobile mechanic (I come to YOU) – and I have 25 years of experience working across the board on all makes and models. I now specialise in luxury European vehicles.

I know my stuff, and yet I’m affordable. (Being mobile means NO overhead.)




What Do My Clients Say?

Here’s what one of my clients – who operates a high-demand tour bus business that DEPENDS on good mechanic service – says about PRESTO…

“The services of Presto Automotive were recommended to me by a friend who owns a car sales business and had known Rob for a long time. I felt that I could trust Rob to do the job well and not do more than required. He is flexible, reliable, trustworthy, technically up to date, and great to deal with. He’s become a trusted advisor on what needs to be done; offers very competitive pricing and goes above and beyond to source quality parts at good prices. I would recommend this service to individuals and small businesses who need someone that they can rely on to service and maintain a variety of vehicles. Presto looks after our Audi car, as well as Mercedes and Toyota minibuses for our business.”

Brad Lowe,
Director Activity Tours, Sydney




Another client who “demands the BEST” has this to say…

After purchasing several performance vehicles from a well renowned dealership, I was recommended Rob’s expert knowledge and skills when looking to make upgrades and maintain the vehicle’s perfect running conditions. It was important to have knowledge on how to better care for my vehicles and prevent issues arising. After speaking with Rob, his professionalism, knowledge, care and attention to detail was made very apparent early on. This gave me the confidence that my cars would be well looked after, a quality diagnosis of any problems would be made resulting in a speedy remedy without any fuss.
Over the years (as my cars have changed), I know I can rely on Rob for his “no nonsense” approach to getting the work done quickly and efficiently with the end result being of the high standard that I expect. With time being on no-one’s side these days, I empathise with a lot of car owners out there as its extremely hard to find an honest, reliable and skilled mechanic you can count on to take care of such an asset as your vehicle. Rob’s service is second to none.

Ashween Reddy,
Business Owner, BMW M3




As you can see, I’m well-qualified to get the job done.

And the best part? I bring the workshop to YOU!

Rather than take time out of your busy day and drive clear across the city to drop off your car, I simply bring the workshop to YOU! That way, no matter where you are (home or work), your car can get the repairs or maintenance it NEEDS without causing an undue burden on your busy day.

VW Golf car issues

Always get a second opinion – they can save you a tonne!

Call me TODAY on 0412 616 924 and see how I can assist.